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Why Brazil matters for commodities markets?

Brazil is the leading producer and exporter of key agricultural commodities, like soybeans, sugar and coffee, and plays a major role as both a supplier and consumer in several markets.

Brazil plays an extensive role in the world commodities market, being currently the largest producer and exporter of soybeans and occupying third place in corn production, second only to the US in corn exports. In addition to the grains and oilseeds markets, the country has great relevance in several other segments, such as meat, coffee, paper and cellulose, cotton, sugar, ethanol, orange juice etc.

Besides rapidly increasing its productivity via the adoption of new technologies, Brazil still has the great advantage of having underused pasture land available to expand its crop area.

Given this scenario and the prospects for population and income growth around the world, Brazil should increasingly consolidate its relevance, furthering the need to follow what happens within the country.

StoneX’s Market Intelligence Brazil closely monitors supply and demand information and other fundamentals of the Brazilian market, enabling a better understanding of what is taking place with the main crops locally and how it may impact markets globally.

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Brazil Sugar and Ethanol Plan

Sugar and Ethanol

Filipi Cardoso, Arthur Machado and Marcelo Bonifacio

Sugar and Ethanol Daily Report

Daily analysis of the main factors that drive the sugar and ethanol markets in Brazil and worldwide.

Sugar and Ethanol Weekly Report

StoneX Brazil analysists present analysis of the main factors driving the sugar and ethanol markets in Brazil and worldwide in the previous week.

Sugar Basis Report

This report presents indications of basis/discounts for FOB Santos spot, one of the main sugar exporting ports in the world.

Weather Report for Sugarcane in Brazil

Daily and weekly history and climatic forecasts for the main producing regions of Brazil, including graphs and tables.

Parity Between Sugarcane Products

In this report, the prices of the main sugarcane by-products in Brazil are converted to the same unit, making it possible to analyze the profit obtained by producers through sugar or ethanol sales.

Brazil Sugar & Ethanol Exports

This report presents Brazil’s weekly export data for S&E.

Brazil Sugar Vessel Lineup

Sugar lineup data at Brazilian ports

UNICA Crop Follow-up

This report presents data on crushing and production in the Center-South Brazil.

Global Sugar Balance and Sugarcane Crop Estimate: Center-South

Estimates for sugarcane crop in Center-South Brazil, as well as the productive impacts of the main global players on the global sugar balance. (bimonthly)

Brazil Grains and Oilseeds Plan

Grains and Oilsseds

Ana Luiza Lodi and João Pedro Lopes

Soybean Weekly Report

Weekly summary of the soybean prices trajectory in Chicago and analysis on a relevant market topic, with a medium and long-term perspective.

Soybean Monthly Report

Monitoring and updates regarding the oilseed’s trajectory throughout the month in Brazil and worldwide.

Corn Weekly Report

Summary of the corn prices trajectory in Chicago and analysis on a relevant market topic, with a medium and long-term perspective.

Corn Monthly Report

Monitoring and updates regarding the corn’s trajectory throughout the month in Brazil and worldwide.

Grains Crop Estimate

Survey-based estimates for the Brazilian soybean and corn crops (monthly).

Daily Basis at the Ports

Soybeans, soybean meal, soybean oil, and corn basis from the main Brazilian export ports to Chicago (daily).

Brazil Weather Report for Grains

Climate history and forecasts for Brazil’s main producing regions, with graphs and tables (daily).

Weekly Grains Exports - Brazil

Monthly soybean, soybean meal, soybean oil, and corn exports from Brazil.

Crop Follow-up Report

Weekly monitoring of soybean and corn harvest/planting in Brazil.

Farmer Sales

Monthly soybean and corn sales by Brazilian producers.

Brazilian Real Plan

Brazilian Real

Vitor Andrioli, Leonel Oliveira Mattos and Leonardo Rossetti

FX Weekly Summary

Comments on the main factors that influenced the real/dollar pair in the previous week and recent developments in the international and domestic scenarios and how they may impact the trajectory of the Brazilian currency.

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